Jaya Stone provide high quality of Bali Natural Stone, Mosaic and Marble from the Island of Bali and all with affordable price for wholesale or retail.
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  Product types
  - Reguler
  - Cutting
  - Interlock
Wall Cludding
Stone Crafts
Stone Slabs
JS-017 SN JS-018 SN
Oval Dede Natural Sink
55 x 40 x h.13  
JS-019 SN JS-020 SN
Natural Sink Kotak Alur Black
  50 x 40 x h.12,5
JS-021 SN JS-022 SN
Prahu Pedestal
60 x 40 x h.18 40 x 40 x h.90
JS-023 SN JS-024 SN
Pedestal Drum Alur Pedestal Square
45 x h.89 45 x 45 x h.90